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Personal Addiction Coaching

a powerful alternative

Since the inception of addiction treatment it is well established that isolation is a frequent result of addiction.  The stigma attached to addiction insures that most people try to hide their struggles with addiction at work and at home.  Worse yet, those with high profile jobs experience a perceived need to keep addiction and recovery compartmentalized, rendering typical group programs and the "sponsors" out of the question.  Where do they go for help on a day by day basis?   Personal Addiction Coaching.   It is a powerful program that allows for true customization and support at a personal level, all the while protecting public and private reputations.  See NY Times Article:  7/13/14 Styles, P1:  A Guide's Sobering Effect. for powerful stories of the impact of Private Coaching in the world of recovery.

Our treatment center project

A new paradigm in generating wellness

Giving people the freedom to be with an addiction and be able to take new actions and create a new future is essential to the full recovery from the world of addiction.   We have found in working with hundreds of thousands of people the followimng:

  1. Life is not lived alone, it is lived in families and communities
  2. Having powerful relationships and a meaningful life is essential to recovery
  3. You cannot create either until you complete the trauma that is at the source of addiction

  • Authenticity:

Being and acting consistent with who you hold yourself out to be for others, and who you hold yourself out to be for yourself, being authentic leaves you grounded, and able to be straight without using force.

  • 2. Being Cause In the Matter of Everything In Your Life:

Being Cause in the Matter is a stand you take for yourself and life – and acting from that stand. It leaves you with power. You are never a victim.

  • 3. Being Committed to Something Bigger than Oneself:

Source of the serene passion (charisma) required to lead and to develop others as leaders, and the source of persistence (joy in the labour of) when the path gets tough

  • 4. Integrity (in our model a positive phenomenon):

Being whole and complete – achieved by “ honoring one’s word” (creates workability, develops trust).

We have pioneered a multi-dimensional breakthrough methodology that focuses on how life is actually lived and how it actually occurs, not as a mere classroom or therapy session practice.   Complex systems thinking has taught us that in order to heal addiction, it is essential to heal the past, the future and the environment one lives in.  Our comprehensive approach addresses each area of life dynamically, addressing the layers of impact and subtlety that make up a life worth living.   More than hope, we promise a future worth living.   We promise a  future of being responsible for the biological, mental, spiritual impact of addiction and creating a new future of freedom and power in the face of what there is to be responsible for.


Our intention is to be involved in all aspects of recovery and restoring people who are addicted to opiates and other substances - from detox to in-patient care and treatment to long-term life and career planning.   As people move through the spaces of addiction and restoration with velocity, the modes of treatment naturally change to bring about the next phase in that restoration.   We support individually designed treatment programs that recognize the need for medication, therapy as well as nutrition consulting, exercise, group dynamics and life-skills training.

Family coaching sessions and treatment are essential to restoration.  Life as the family of someone afflicted with substance addiction can be harder than imagined, each person experiencing their own suffering and desire to help.  Our proven models restore the power to core relationships, creating new levels of love, affinity and dignity that lasts into the future.   We train and develop families in a way that is real and lasting - that operates at the level of living - not theory or mere technique.