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Boca Library Spanish River Blvd.   9AM - 2PM              ​Space is limited  - sign up NOW!

Preparing for success in high school -  No reason to struggle!

  • What does it take to transition from middle school to high school powerfully and effectively?  
  • How do you win the game of high school?   Stop worrying?  Procrastinating? 
  • How do you keep from driving your parents NUTS?!

Learn the best strategies to win at High School NOW!

Study Boot Camp bridges the gap between middle school and high school with the latest techniques and practices that insure high school success.   Public middle schools' and high schools' lesson plans and scope and sequence requirements focus solely on the course content, leaving teachers with no time to train and develop students in the skills and strategies they need so they can learn, study and take tests effectively.   

Worse yet, middle school style teaching, with its explicit directions, test preparation, and low level thinking, sets kids up for a "RUDE AWAKENING" when they confront rigorous and demanding high school requirements, and the intensity of Honors and AP classes and college classes. 

  • Create your goals for studying AND for your education
  • Gain tried-and-true study strategies to help you prepare for tests
  • Learn the best way to make and use study groups
  • ​Learn how to get the most out of class and lectures
  • Discover strategies to END test anxiety

Faculty / presenters

How to Register for boot Camp

Space is limited -   $99.00 Per Student

You can register now for the Study Boot Camp by using our PayPal interface.  Just use credit or debit or PayPal to pay.

and Middle Grades Science, and is Reading Endorsed.  Kim has used multiple modes for teaching her students, including flipped learning, close reading strategies, and the use of technology in the classroom.

Who should register

8th, 9th & 10th graders in Palm Beach county

This programmed is geared for students who are interested in winning the game of high school.  All Middle School and High School students are welcome and encouraged to attend.   

We may also have a parent support class on the day of the Boot Camp - TBD!   Learn how to empower your kids and stop yelling!

based on the latest breakthroughs from neuro-physiology and training methods.   Gretchen is an expert in learning styles and test preparation.  She is the two time winner of the Marion Deaver Award for Excellence in Teaching and the Patten Family Foundation Grant for Sustaining Teacher Excellence.

Gretchen Steinberg

St. Andrews School - Language Arts

Gretchen has been at the cutting edge of education design and teaching for over 20 years.   Having been a classroom teacher and involved in the design and delivery of advanced study methods 

Topics Covered

  • ​How to seize the reins of your own education
  • Discover your learning style
  • ​Learn how to manage your time for optimum studying
  • Get trained in effective note-taking strategies
  • ​Learn how to communicate powerfully with your parents 

Kim Forgey

West Boca High School - Biology and AP Environmental Science 

Kim has been teaching in public high school for 10 years, working with students at all ranges of the learning spectrum, including ESE.  She is certified in Florida to teach Biology 

Creating new levels of human performance


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What people are saying about the Boca Study boot camp opportunity

Comments from West Boca High School FRESHMAN NIGHT 8/12

"I wish we had this when my first child went to high school.   She got all A's in honor classes in Middle School then struggled to get B's in High School.  I thought she was really ready.  We had no idea that the classes would be that much more demanding.   This one is signing up!"

"I am sure tired of trying to get them to study.  I keep telling them this last minute stuff wont work when you get to high school.   How do I get them to listen?  I have tried everything but all we get is battles and missing homework.   I cant bear to look at edline.   When I see the email from edline I just delete it."

"Why don't the kids get this in middle school?  No one teaches this.   This class is WAY cheaper than private tutoring.  We're doing it."

"This should be mandatory.   Everyone should get this."