Creating new levels of human performance


Our Team

Mitchell Steinberg

Mitch has over 30 years experience in creating and conducting transformational programs for individuals, companies and teams throughout the world.  Often as a member of Landmark Worldwide or through his volunteering efforts, Mitch has a unique gift for causing others to perform at their best in any circumstance, eliminating drama.  He is a stand for each and every person having a freedom to be and act, resulting in actions that generate performance.

Scott Forgey, J.D.

Scott has a wealth of experience coaching people and removing the impediments to self expression and performance in every aspect of their lives.  In addition to leading transformational programs for over 100,000 people internationally, as a leader of the Landmark Teen Forum, he lead to over 5,000 teens ages 13 - 18 and their families in intensive weekend transformation courses that dealt with teens, their real issues and the families and environments they live in.   Scott also designed and delivered the Family Coaching Workshops for Landmark Worldwide.  Scott's stand is that everyone discovers their authentic self-expression and creates lives of love in families and community.

Greg Sharp, D.O.

Greg has been at the forefront of medicine and addiction treatment for over 29 years.   He has pioneered highly successful treatments for opiate addiction and is a member of  Getting to the source of and resolving trauma that underlies addiction has been the focus of his work for the past 10 years.  Greg has lead transformational programs for Landmark Worldwide and stands for freedom from addiction and the power to create new futures for addicts everywhere.


Twenty-five -year veteran educator Gretchen Steinberg is now using her well-honed skills in communication, organization, writing, and attention to detail as Chief Administrative Officer. With a master’s in English, Gretchen understands the value of clear, concise communication as well as the impact made by driving projects to completion following the highest standards.