Creating new levels of human performance


Business coaching

Our methodology applied to executives and managers

It is more than power, it is leadership in every moment, influencing all of the results all of the time


changing the status quo

A new training and development methodology for our school age children, removing the barriers to success and high performance

Education Projects

  • Rime Magic -  A not-for-profit reading development program based in San Francisco.   The method addresses coding deficiencies in learning to read generating unprecedented successes for 3rd to 6th graders who read below grade level - Currently in studies by the Rand Corporation - already winning rave reviews in school systems at Berkeley and in the Bay Area. 
  • ​Study Boot Camp  -  An intense one-day program designed to teach study strategies and tactics to students going from middle school into public high schools.  It is based on the cutting edge teaching methodologies and neuro-physiology discoveries.  Delivered by award winning Teachers Kim Forgey and Gretchen Steinberg.

Agile enterprise Transformations

The hidden power of agile as a way of being

The source of the power of Agile/Scrum/SAFe/Lean methodologies at a breakthrough velocity.   More than just structures and systems, it is BEING lean and agile.  

Coaching the highest level Agile Coaches in the valley to get beyond the usual problems and predictable results, including scaling Agile.

Human Performance

A new paradigm for performance excelleNce

A breakthrough process in the world of of addiction treatment, healing the person, their family and their environment, leaving them with a freedom to be and act under all circumstances.

business Consulting

from start ups to Fortune 500

Bringing the world of intention, architecture, environment and fulfillment to businesses

Producing outrageous business results

Bringing back alive that Start Up feel